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The right area rug


Area rugs complete your rooms

Nothing finishes the ambiance of your rooms like the right area rug. The materials, scale, color, and pattern available in area rugs provide the opportunity to add comfort and impact to your decor. You’ll see styles ranging from casual to sophisticated, in materials ranging from pure wool through the softest synthetics. You’ll find area rugs constructed on high-tech looms, and area rugs made by hand, with every combination and variation in-between.
Area rugs in Traverse City, MI at Carpet Galleria
Area rugs in Elk Rapids, MI at Carpet Galleria

Make the right choice

For homeowners the challenge becomes finding the right area rug. There are so many possibilities, experiencing them in person is a must. Having access to an inventory expansive enough to show the whole spectrum of area rug designs, sizes, colors, and textures is key. The ability to put your choices into the context of today’s fashion environment is also critical. Viewing collections gathered from the leading national markets helps you understand how the right area rug integrates with furniture and other elements of your decor.

Breathtaking array of styles

Look for area rugs produced by the premiere designers and producers. The best area rug showrooms bring together collections from around the world, providing the whole range of design perspectives and approaches. So many fresh ideas flow from the industry—why limit yourself to examples by a limited number of producers? See the differences, and appreciate the designs that speak directly to you. Carpet Galleria’s area rug gallery goes beyond the basics to offer all this, and more. Brought to you by Carpet Galleria.
Wool carpet in Leland, MI at Carpet Galleria
Area rugs in Elk Rapids, MI at Carpet Galleria

Expertise makes the difference

Bring us your fabrics or paint selections and discover what personal attention can do. Visiting our showroom will focus your vision. Even with the whole world of area rugs to choose from, you won’t feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack.. Together we can narrow the search to a few “live” area rugs that you can actually take home on approval, seeing them in your own lighting and environment. We’ll fine-tune the size that best fits your needs. We make the shopping experience an enjoyable and productive one! At the end of a great process, you’ll be rewarded with just the right area rug for your room.