Skinny Planks Will Set You Free

There has always been a lot to say in favor of “carpet tiles” for applications where their strengths offer value. Carpet tiles don’t come in rolls, so their backs are solid, not woven. This makes them incredibly durable—they’ll stand up to traffic tenaciously, and still bring the advantages of carpet to your rooms—they’re quieter, softer, and can be maintained with a vac… There are other advantages to using carpet like the fact that you don’t have to completely empty a room to install the floor, a great practical advantage. But carpet tiles have been playing second fiddle to other floors for years because the squares they came in were—a little boring. The tiles went together, and when you were done you basically had one style that covered the floor, in a way that might leave a little room for interest.

All well and good, but now we have “Skinny Planks” and the whole carpet tile idea is up for grabs. With the wide array of colors, styles, and textures available in long, narrow plank style shapes, we can design in herringbones, transitions, variations from area to area, and every other creative way you can think of that will create really individual and unique floors.