Create a custom carpet

You can have it done just the way you want—for a special room or a special home, there may come a time when only custom will do. That’s when custom carpet by Durkan comes into the picture. My client had a very specific set of requirements: the historic value of the home had to be maintained, the rooms involved were paneled with vintage woods and the finished carpet had to enhance those, there were architectural details—like ancient pocket doors that required a certain thickness beneath them—that had to be accommodated, and the carpet had to be wool.

We started on the process. This involved searching the Durkan catalog of available patterns—a catalog that is extensive and comprehensive. We narrowed from a long list of traditional patterns looking for elements that complimented the scale of the rooms involved, and struck the right balance of sophistication and style. With several patterns in mind we went to the pallet of available colors, and began varying the patterns with the multitude of possible color modulations. We looked at these semi-finalists in simulation, and chose 4 or 5 finalists. We had the mill run “strike-offs” of these—woven samples done just the way the final product would be—in a size large enough to make an impression on site.

The final step was to have our final beautiful design manufactured. A very special carpet, for a very special home!