Ultimate Style—Pure Wool by Karastan on Sale Now!

Special Pricing on Every Wool Carpet by Karastan!

The Ultimate in Style is Woven Into Every Wool Carpet Design

Because Karastan wool carpet is woven in a way other fibers can’t match. Karastan developed and patented true warp and fill weaving technology for wool on day one, a process for producing truly striking designs has been perfected. You won’t see the patterns and textures available in Karastan wool in any other carpet.

Pure Wool Carpet by Karastan on sale now

Pure and Natural

Wool is the ultimate renewable. Warm and inviting yet unbelievably tough, your floors will benefit not only by being beautiful and easy to touch, they will provide an extremely durable and hypo allergenic finish for your rooms.

Take a look at our newest offerings in undyed, natural wool. Bring the beauty of state-of-the-art all natural floor coverings to your rooms—

Value You Can Believe In

Right now you can choose beautiful, natural wool for your home at special prices—an opportunity to create lasting value for you home.