Wood Flooring that can take it!

Portofino Oil Finish Engineered Wood Flooring at Carpet Galleria, Traverse City, MICreated by nature and inspired by Europe’s Renaissance Era, Portofino captures this timeless look with its antiquing and aged reclaimed style. Long, wide planks featuring natural distressing, rustic knots and quarter sawn veneers recreate the rustic style of old world European Manors.

You will love the way Portofino fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle. The signs of living on this floor actually deepen and even improve the rich character and unique elements of each installation. Maintenance of Portofino’s natural oil finish is easy, so it starts beautiful and stays beautiful.

Portofino Oil Finish Engineered Wood Flooring at Carpet Galleria, Traverse City, MIPortofino Age Crafted Flooring becomes richer with age. Signs of everyday wear and use are not something to fear…they actually enhance the character of the floor. It’s a whole new way to enjoy the beauty of hardwood flooring.

Portofino Oil Finish Engineered Wood Flooring at Carpet Galleria, Traverse City, MIA natural oil finish penetrates the wood fibers and hardens them without altering the natural look of the wood. These floors are distinguished by their rich, elegant patina. They’re easy to care for as only periodic applications of WOCA maintenance oil are required to nourish the wood and bring back its luster. If a repair is needed, spot areas can be treated without the need to treat the entire floor. Even if its peaceful beauty does not help you sleep better, Portofino’s 30 year warranty certainly will.

Rustic Wood Look with a Modern Oil Finish

Designing with wood flooring at Carpet Galleria
We’re seeing more and more hardwood floors being done in rustic, aged finishes. The really cool thing about these materials, beyond their really authentic and classic looks, are the water based oil finishes that make them really modern in practical terms. Where you might have seen floors like these in the past (if you saw them at all!) they were finished with linseed oils, varnishes, or polyurethanes—these finishes attracted dirt, or at best used a hard, bright surface which detracted from the look. You’d get dust and grit that would turn into smudges that you could never get to lift off until you stripped the oil from the floor and did them over. Now you get this beautiful aged finish with an oil that you can touch scratches up through by just applying a little more. There are no resins or VOCs involved so there is no smell. The floors look natural, and you can feel the grain—the finish doesn’t get in the way—but at the same time they’re easy to care for. The best of both worlds!