New woodburning stove installation

It might seem like a pretty easy project to create a tile pad to work as a base for a wood stove. We needed to start with a very complimentary match to the special coral tile backing that was already in place for this installation—but the question came up, how do we get the right transition between the tile pad and the surrounding hardwood floor—the pad was an inch-and-a-half higher than the hardwood. Wood was not going to do justice to this installation, and to add to the complexity level, our client lived a long way away from this cozy little cottage.

After spending some time on the site, and going back-and-forth with emails and photos, we were able to pick up on the marble that was used in the adjacent kitchen finish. We matched that marble, and used it to trim the stove pad. Everything came together—from the existing coral tile back through the kitchen—a really pleasing and put-together package.

New Tile + Existing Tile = Beautiful New Floor

Designing with tile and stone at Carpet GalleriaSo often we come in to a situation where we need to work with an existing tile installation when adding new tile to the mix. Tile is one of those areas where styles come and go, and its often impossible to match older examples. It’s time to get creative when choosing the best new tile, and in getting the right installation.

A great way to get a new tile to feel right when it’s laid next to an existing floor is to choose a new tile that is complimentary to the older floor. Where the two come together we add a transition accent  of interesting tones that hold elements of both tiles—we’re on our way to making a smooth transition.

We take a look at the rooms—we’re moving from one to another and our tile is flowing across the transition accents from room to room. In this installation we varied the tile orientation in each room, setting up a rhythm as we moved from floor to floor. When we crossed the final transition, from the new to the existing floor, everything seemed natural and pleasing.

Designing with tile and stone at Carpet Galleria