Square Peg, Round Hole

Karndean border treatment at Carpet GalleriaImagining a really dynamic treatment for a larger retail showroom floor, we’d chosen a sophisticated herringbone pattern crafted from 6″ “planks” utilizing Kardean luxury vinyl tile. The design brought the herringbone mitre directly to the store entrance, and was going to create a very special effect.

The installation was going to take a lot of careful work, and the first curve ball we had to deal with were interior walls that really didn’t follow the rules. The walls were neither square nor particularly straight, and the visual distraction in the margins was significant.

We added a straight margin all the way around the room, and set a very fine line detail strip to set the herringbone pattern into. The result is very pleasing and functional. The whole room comes together with amazing unity.Karndean herringbone at Carpet Galleria