Custom Area Rugs to fit any space

Broadloom carpet by Nourison at Carpet Galleria, Traverse City, MI Stop in and browse through our new selection of Nourison broadloom carpets. Nourison offers an extraordinary selection for virtually any style of interior décor. We create many custom area rugs for our customers.

Nourison offers comprehensive programs from signature handmade area rug collections such as Nourison 2000, to prestige designer lines like Calvin Klein, to the best-selling power loom carpets of Ashton House, to the Grand Parterre collection which represents an unparalleled level of luxury and sophistication in broadloom construction.

Broadloom carpet by Nourison at Carpet Galleria, Traverse City, MI

Create a custom carpet

You can have it done just the way you want—for a special room or a special home, there may come a time when only custom will do. That’s when custom carpet by Durkan comes into the picture. My client had a very specific set of requirements: the historic value of the home had to be maintained, the rooms involved were paneled with vintage woods and the finished carpet had to enhance those, there were architectural details—like ancient pocket doors that required a certain thickness beneath them—that had to be accommodated, and the carpet had to be wool.

We started on the process. This involved searching the Durkan catalog of available patterns—a catalog that is extensive and comprehensive. We narrowed from a long list of traditional patterns looking for elements that complimented the scale of the rooms involved, and struck the right balance of sophistication and style. With several patterns in mind we went to the pallet of available colors, and began varying the patterns with the multitude of possible color modulations. We looked at these semi-finalists in simulation, and chose 4 or 5 finalists. We had the mill run “strike-offs” of these—woven samples done just the way the final product would be—in a size large enough to make an impression on site.

The final step was to have our final beautiful design manufactured. A very special carpet, for a very special home!

Skinny Planks Will Set You Free

There has always been a lot to say in favor of “carpet tiles” for applications where their strengths offer value. Carpet tiles don’t come in rolls, so their backs are solid, not woven. This makes them incredibly durable—they’ll stand up to traffic tenaciously, and still bring the advantages of carpet to your rooms—they’re quieter, softer, and can be maintained with a vac… There are other advantages to using carpet like the fact that you don’t have to completely empty a room to install the floor, a great practical advantage. But carpet tiles have been playing second fiddle to other floors for years because the squares they came in were—a little boring. The tiles went together, and when you were done you basically had one style that covered the floor, in a way that might leave a little room for interest.

All well and good, but now we have “Skinny Planks” and the whole carpet tile idea is up for grabs. With the wide array of colors, styles, and textures available in long, narrow plank style shapes, we can design in herringbones, transitions, variations from area to area, and every other creative way you can think of that will create really individual and unique floors.

The Big Picture in Carpet

The Big Picture in Carpet

We’ve seen a revolution in carpet fibers over the last couple of years. We’ve gone way past the old paradigm of taking a natural or synthetic fiber, dyeing it, treating it with a stain repellant, and weaving it into carpet. That’s why revolution is the right word—not only are many of the synthetic fibers we use today significantly sourced from renewable materials, like corn, but the colors aren’t dyed onto the fibers—the colors are actually born into the fiber when its created. When you see red, the red is the carpet—at a molecular level. The red can’t be taken out; not with the heaviest cleaner, not with bleach. So you don’t end up with carpet that looks worn where its been through heavy traffic then cleaned multiple times. You don’t get a spot where a tough stain has been worked on with a strong cleaner. Your carpet looks good and wears for a much longer period of time.

Smartstrand Fiber is substantially Naturally Sourced

If that isn’t enough, the new fibers have been engineered with one big difference in mind, softness. If you haven’t taken a look at carpet in a couple of years, you’ll be truly amazed with the level of softness to-the-touch that comes as standard equipment today. And it doesn’t wear away like it might if the effect came from some superficial finishing process—it’s built into the fiber itself the moment its made, and forever.

It’s a whole new world.